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Post by Kevin on Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:06 am

So the native pic hosting is wonky, which I guess is what we get for using a free board.  There's two ways to get pics up - one is easy but can result in part of your pic being cut off depending on the screen resolution of the viewer, the other will scale your pics to the right size but is a pain in the tookus.

The easy way - take the URL to an image that's already online (on another board, or uploaded to a service like Photobucket or imgur) and wrap it in IMG tags and put it in the text of your post.  Or hit the "insert an image" button and enter your URL and the script will add the tags for you and insert the code wherever your cursor was in the text box.  Either way works.  Anybody viewing a pic posted this way may not see the entire pic, depending on their screen resolution.  I'm good with that myself (you neanderthals with small screens need to join the 21st century anyway) so this is normally how I post pics.

The PITA way - to the left of the "insert an image" button is the "host an image" button.  Hit that, and then enter the URL for your image if it's on line or the file path if it's on your computer.  Choose the 800px size for this forum, and the board software will automatically size it so it doesn't get cut off.  Hit the "host it" button.  You'll get a new window that says "thumbnail", "image", and "image url".  The "image URL" is the direct link to that photo, now hosted locally on the board in the size you chose when you uploaded it.  The code next to "image" is that same URL, wrapped in IMG tags - copy that code and paste it into your post.  If you copy the code next to "thumbnail" into your post instead, it will insert a small version of your pic that the viewer can click on to see the full size pic.

Hope this helps!

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