MAF Sensor - Clean it!

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MAF Sensor - Clean it!

Post by snivilous on Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:45 pm

If none of you guys ever clean this thing, might wanna. I'd never cleaned one except for getting all the grime off of it with some carb cleaner when I installed my K&N awhile ago. I read when you do a tune up that's essentially the major thing to clean.

I'm heading to Utah this week, I have some triangulation classes to teach on Wednesday at USU and then spending some time in Salt Lake before heading back (anyone wanna wheel a little bit?). I was gonna clean the stupid MAF sensor since I read it can increase mileage by quite a bit and just help overall since the engine runs nicer. The hardware store didn't have any MAF cleaner, and I didn't want to use carb cleaner so just left it alone. Ironically, I had all my engine lights come on today about 150 miles from my house. And I was like, wtf is going on since the engine was running fine. After talking to my dad we thought it might be the O2 sensors had gone out, and figured it'd be better to get back home and swap vehicles for the trip. As it turned out, the stupid MAF sensor needed cleaning and then all my lights (Engine, VSC OFF, VSC TRAC) went off and it acted great again! ...Course this was 300 miles and 6 hours after leaving my house and I was back to my house.

Just something to keep in mind. Apparently it should be cleaned every time you change the air filter or expose the air intake.

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Re: MAF Sensor - Clean it!

Post by GottaBeTRD on Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:19 pm

yeah any oiled filter will gunk the MAF pretty quick. On top of that, a CAI can make it gunk up even faster with the increased air flow. You might want to pull your hose of your throttle-body and check to see if that needs some cleaning too. You can get even more gas mileage that way!!

I run the Volant CAI but it has a facy dryflow filter that keeps everything spick and span. I've had my light come on still when it's really smokey outside, but yeah just clean in up and all is well!

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